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Dazzle DVC 100 DVD Recorder Review

Dazzle DVC 100

Dazzle DVC 100

Isn’t it great to have a collection of your old movies? Are you looking for a way to archive your old DVD collection? Dazzle DVC 100 DVD recorder is the best tool to create a repository of your old movies. The device is prepared with easy to use interface and user friendly features. The software is designed for bulk archiving and similar purposes. We are going to discuss some major features and key functionalities of the software.

Design of Dazzle DVC 100

One of the most exciting and promising feature of the kit is the ease of use. You can get it running in less than 5 minutes. The package consists of DVD software and high speed USB 2.0 transfer which makes it easy to use. The device is equipped with multiple outputs and you can use it on any AV equipment in your house. The inputs have standard color on them and you can use the device without any special instruction manual. You can even find pinnacle studio 10 along with the software.

Key features of Dazzle DVD Recorder

You do not need to be a technical expert for running the software. Simply take out the Software DVD and Install it on your system. Once the software is installed, add the device to your machine and install it with the given procedure. Make sure that the software is installed prior to setting up the device with the machine. Add the device and it will detect Dazzle DVC 100 driver automatically. The software is compatible with Windows Vista. Next, you have to add the video output source and add any device according to your choice. You have to arrange cables to make the connection as the package does not contain any S-Video cables along with it.

The package is designed with wizards for every feature and you don’t have to figure out even a single step. But if you are planning to use Dazzle capture card for copy protected material then this is not the right tool for you.

Tips for running software smoothly

These are some of the tips which will help you to run the package smoothly:

  • Use the device with high end machine so as to get best result. Minimum configuration to run the software smoothly includes P4 processor running at 3 GHz with minimum of 1 GB memory.
  • Arrange an S-Video output device and the best one is to get a VCR which is available in almost every house.
  • Make sure install the latest version of software and the driver should be compatible with your machine (64-bit or 32-bit).
  • You would need a REAL video editor and avoid using the package software. You can use ULEAD for importing the video.

Dazzle DVC 100 has some common issues as reported by the users and let us find out some of these issues in detail. First of all there are no official instructions provided with the software and since it is not a plug and play device so that’s a huge issue. Secondly the software is unable to recognize DVD at first and some of the users have found an error while writing the DVD. Moreover there is no sync between the video and audio in the DVD produced with the software which can be really irritating.

Every product has its positive and negative aspects and so do dazzle DVC 100. So if you are looking to get your DVDs archived, then it can be a good product for you. Make sure to read the instructions beforehand and consult internet and tech-support provided by the company.